Subject: [New!] One book url for all your retailer sites

One crucial part of every author's website features all the books they've written.


But the devil's in the details.

When your reader clicks on one of your books:
a) Are they directed to Amazon?
b) Are they directed to a separate page with all the retailer links?
c) Or, do you just list all your retailer urls right then and there?

Well, if you've been tossing and turning trying to find the solution to this one, you can now relax, because it's here.

Enter Universal Book Links: (a service provided by Draft2Digital).

You simply click on the link above, provide one of your book links (say, Amazon) and the fancy software will create your universal book link.

Now you can use this url to link to your books.

Here's what my universal link for "How I Sold 80,000 Books" looks like:

Pretty neat, huh?

I bet you didn't know that.

When readers click on your Universal Book Link, they’re shown a list of everywhere the book currently appears online, and asked which storefront they prefer. When they click their favorite, Books2Read asks them if they want to make it their default store—so every time they encounter a UBL for a book, it will take them to their preferred bookseller automatically!

This means you can use one link to promote your books on blogs, in interviews, and on marketing and advertising materials.

Create a ‘universal storefront’ on your blog or website, with links that allow readers to buy your books on any website they choose.

Include your UBLs in emails, and you’ll not only eliminate a few clicks between your reader and buying your book, the links in older emails will remain up to date as new storefronts are added.

There are a lot of possibilities, but I think you’ll see right away just how powerful and useful this will be.

Here's where you can get your Universal Book Links:

Here's to boosting your discoverability!
P.S. Universal Book Link is a new tool which gathers all your retailer urls in one place. Check it out here:

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