Subject: Live Q&A with a best-selling author!

Dear Friend,

Everybody wants to succeed but few do. Why is this?

What separates the successful from the unsuccessful is one simple thing: a strategy.

With one, everything you do becomes easier.

Without one, everything becomes much more difficult.

This is true in all aspects of life and in all types of business. But it is especially true in writing.

80% of the population dreams of writing a book some day, but very few do. Why?

They never set a goal. Never create a plan. Never commit to a process.

But there is a first step before all of that:

You have to first learn from those who have already succeeded. You must understand what a winning strategy looks like.

That’s why I love what best selling author Jeff Goins is doing this week with a live Q and A about “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Becoming a Full-time Writer.”

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In it you’ll learn the following:

* How Jeff built a platform of 100,000 people in 18 months and started making six figures a year
* The framework he has taught over 4000 people to help them achieve their writing dreams
* One winning strategy you can use to get over 2000 email subscribers quickly

You can also ask Jeff anything you want.

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Hope to see you there!


P.S. Registration for Jeff’s Tribe Writers course is open just a few more days. If you have any questions for him, this would be a great opportunity to ask him. Don’t miss it!
Not sure you can make it? Go ahead and sign up anyway and if Jeff is able to record it, he’ll send you the recording.