Subject: Librarians' advice for self-published authors

According to the American Library Association (ALA), there are over 9,000 public libraries in the United States. 

Each of these libraries is a potential buyer of YOUR book. And even if they buy only one copy - that’s enough to get the ball rolling and have the word about your book spread.

While many indie authors have mastered online sales, even strong-selling writers tend to see distribution to libraries and bricks-and-mortar stores as difficult to impossible. 

However, they should consider giving it another go. Industry experts and indie authors who have tried to get wider distribution have recently found surprising success—both in expanded availability and greater awareness of their work. Publishers Weekly

Where to start?

Start local. Libraries will be thrilled to have a local author speak, do a reading and will happily accept your books.

Visit libraries in places featured in your book. One of my books is entitled “Maya & Filippo Separate in Skagway”, as in Skagway, Alaska. During my recent visit there, I told the librarian all about the book and the series and you guessed it - they loved it - they bought it on Amazon while I was still there.

How to present?

This is all about marketing. Mention your Amazon rankings, if they’re high. Quote some great editorial reviews you’ve received from Kirkus, Foreword Reviews or Readers’ Favorite for example. Talk about your awards. Include an award sticker on the cover if you’ve won an award or received five stars or another recognition.

What to present?

Every library carries a different mix of titles. It’s a good idea to take a look at what the library carries and approach them by saying that your book will fit their catalogue perfectly. 

I talked to the librarian of Harden Library in Dublin and here’s what she said about Young Adult choices: Our most popular titles are the Robert Muchamore Cherub (Teen spy) series, Rick Riordan - Percy Jackson & Heroes of Olympus series (fantasy and mythology), Wimpy Kid (Jeff Kinney), John Green, Louise O'Neill and RJ Palacio are also in our top ten authors. There would be a devoted number of fantasy fiction fans but generally a broad range of reading takes place. This is exceptional news for my new YA fantasy series :) Get this information first, sell thereafter.

Where to be available?

Obviously it’s a great idea to be available via Ingram or Baker&Taylor but many of the librarians I’ve talked to happily buy from Amazon.

So what if you’re self-published?

According to my chat with Joan Kelly, the librarian in Harden Library, readers don’t care if a book is self-published. They’re looking for a great read. The librarians however will go through the book first to check if there are no typos, etc, so make sure your book is top quality.

Is pursuing libraries worth it?

Over 50 percent of all library users go on to purchase ebooks by an author they were introduced to in the library. Library Journal

There’s your answer.

What are celebrity authors saying?

The number one challenge any author has is building an audience. Once they have an audience, they have an opportunity to grow their work professionally. Librarians can be a powerful marketing force for emerging authors, especially if they can promote the books without fear of success.
Hugh Howey, best-selling self published author with 2 million plus books sold.

Libraries are all about readers and writers connecting. Since so many of my new readers discover my books via their local libraries, it’s vital that all my books, whether traditionally published or self-published, be easily accessible to library patrons.
CJ Lyons, best-selling self published author with 2 million plus books sold.

How else can I get my book into libraries?

Glad you asked! If you don’t feel like visiting libraries and contacting them online seems like a gruesome activity but you would love to have your books in libraries, I have just the service for you.

It’s called LibraryBub and every week five self-published and small-press authors are featured in a curated newsletter sent to over 10,000 libraries.

For $299, but if you apply for a feature today, for $149, the news about your book will reach over 10,000 librarians. 

Go here to get the ball rolling: Remember, you get a 50% discount if you apply today.

What are authors saying about LibraryBub?

To gain exposure like this, is what every self-published author dreams of! Having our books considered by libraries only expands our opportunities to reach new readers everywhere! [...] This service exceeded my expectations!
Award-winning and best-selling author S.L. Morgan

I was absolutely floored by the results of LibraryBub’s first mailing to librarians, a mailing that included my literary fiction novel. [...] LibraryBub is definitely opening doors for authors.
Award-winning author Wayne Clark.

Now what?

Now it’s your turn! Get your books into libraries. Apply for a feature today to get a 50% discount. Go here:

To your success!

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