Subject: Let's upgrade you to Author Remake, Friend, shall we?

Hey Friend,

As you know I just launched my premium training Author Remake and people are loving it :)

But I've heard from some of you guys who already have my other courses that you were not too happy I offered them as bonuses.

I get that.

So, I have an idea :)

This is a time-sensitive link which gives you the biggest discount I've ever offered, but you deserve it, Friend, because you've been with me for a while now and this is my way of thanking you for that :)
Don't worry, this isn't another launch sequence or anything. I simply want to give you access to Author Remake Pro at a great rate because you believed in me and my teaching abilities before I went "public".

Now that the official launch is over, I'm raising the price of "Author Remake" but again, for the next 3 days you (and only you, Friend) can get it at $380 off.

Go here: