Subject: Learn to write copy that sells books (Masterclass today 12.00 EST)

Dear Friend,

I usually stick to my schedule and only send out author tips every Tuesday but this is such a great opportunity that it demands our attention.

I know you know how to write. You might have even won awards for your writing. But if your books are not selling, chances are, the problem is your copywriting.

Every author needs to learn the fine art of copywriting to create book descriptions that sell, to craft author bios that readers want to read and if you’ve got a list (you should have a list!), copywriting will show you how to write emails that your readers will want to read, with links to your books that they will click on.

And if you’re even more advanced, copywriting will show you how to write Facebook ads that convert, so you can get even more readers and buyers.

But you have to learn from the best and the best in copywriting is Ray Edwards.

Today at 12 EST, he’s holding a webinar on copywriting mastery - it’s a must for every author! Originally the webinars were yesterday but both filled up so quickly that thousands of people couldn't get in. If you didn't make it - make sure to sign up for today's webinar. I attended yesterday and it was full of tips every author should know (but few do).

Sign up here for the webinar:

See you on the webinar.
To your success!

P.S. Make sure to join us for Ray Edward’s webinar - every author needs to learn the art of copywriting to sell more books. Sign up here:
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