Subject: It's a shame your book is not in libraries when it's so easy to get in

Your book has been selected. It's meant for greatness.

Yes, it's true. If you're receiving this email, that means that you're book is excellent material for LibraryBub - it's either a best-seller, has won awards or has been positively reviewed by established institutions.

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Here's what recently featured authors are saying:

There was a marked spike in my book sales on Amazon after the LibraryBub promotion. Good job! David Pereda

This is the second time I have signed onto a mailing with your Librarybub. As Author-Illustrator of a book which has now won four awards for Best Book, I am honored to have been featured with a limited number of other outstanding authors. The results from interested libraries has been excellent at a very reasonable cost, requiring no effort on my part to reach 10,000 acquisition librarians. Betty Schubert

The professionalism and librarian outreach by LibraryBub has far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Alinka Rutkowska’s services! Money well spent!
Now it's your turn!
Donna McDine

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