Subject: It's Here & It's Free (Now): My New Book for Authors

Dear Friend,

It's here: and it's free right now.

My very first book for authors entitled “How I Sold 80,000 Books,” has just been released. You can download it for free and enjoy it... 

...OR... can become part of my launch team. As a launch team member you will be eligible for the following prizes if you leave an Amazon review by May 28th:
  • Coaching session (topics: self-publishing, book marketing, hitting bestseller lists, foreign rights, bulk sales, crowdfunding, other). Takes place via Skype - 1 hour.
  • Professional Self-Publishing Online Training
  • Goodreads Cracked Online Training
  • 100 Review Book Launch Online Training
The book takes only 30-40 minutes to read through (much longer if you study all the links!) and it's loaded with information on how to successfully market your titles.

Join the launch team here to win prizes:

See you on the other side!
Alinka Rutkowska