Subject: Is it worth it?

Dear Friend,

Today is the day. It’s your last chance to sign up for Tribe Writers until next year. After this, registration closes, and won’t open up again for at least a few months.

If you’re still trying to figure out if this is for you, Jeff shared with me a few frequently asked questions and his responses to them. Jeff has taught this course to over 3,000 students, and because of that, he knows the objections and obstacles people face before encountering a major breakthrough in their writing careers.

But instead of hearing me talk, I thought it’d be better for you to hear from some of Jeff’s students.

Here’s a message from a woman named Becky who said:

“I’ve clicked over to the Tribe Writers site a dozen times or more. It looks great, sounds great, probably is great. I’m not sure if my hesitation is fear or uncertainty. It’s a commitment (financial and time). I am just trying to get a writing career off the ground in the last few months, but I’m not sure of my direction. I’ll probably click over a few more times still!”

Does this sound like you? If so, you’re not alone. Here’s the answers to a few questions Jeff has heard over and over again.

Question #1: ”Is it worth it?”

Tribe Writers is definitely a commitment. It’s no small amount of money. So why isn’t it cheaper? What’re you actually paying for?

Well, in addition to the scads of content you get, what you’re really paying for is access. To Jeff and to an exclusive community of people who will help you grow into the writer you’ve always dreamed of being.

If it were open to everyone or available at any time, it wouldn’t be as special. When you join the course, you get a lifetime membership to one of the most talented, generous groups of people I have ever met. And they are truly changing the world with their words.

Students tell Jeff all the time after taking the course that it’s something they would have paid thousands of dollars for, as you would expect of a university class. One alum, Eric, said this:

“I may have a Master’s in writing, but now I feel I have the tools necessary to reach my readers.”

Does it cost money? You bet.

Is what you get worth what you pay? No.

It’s worth a whole lot more.

Question #2: ”Is this right for me?”

If you feel like you were born to be a writer, if you dream of one day publishing your work and getting your message the attention it deserves, then you need to do something about that.

That’s why Jeff created Tribe Writers.

Maybe this isn’t the right program for you. That’s fine. But please, find something. You have a responsibility to share your story, your words, your ideas, with the world.

One of Jeff’s students, Pamela, said:

“I don’t know if I would have signed up for Tribe Writers if I hadn’t had skin cancer last year, malignant melanoma.

“I kept putting off my dreams, thinking I would pursue my writing next year, or after the kids left home. Taking care of everyone else, and not taking care of myself. Skin cancer was a wake up call to live today and write my stories.

“You don’t have to take a writing course to take care of yourself… Maybe taking care of yourself is to take swimming lessons, or walk around the block, or take time to read a book. But if you want to pursue writing, I do recommend Tribe Writers. It is more than just a writing class, it is a life-long community of like minded people.”

Since joining Tribe Writers, Pamela has been interviewed by the Huffington Post, started a blog for her cat (you heard me), has interviewed famous authors like Steven Pressfield, and even began writing a book. She is well on her way to finding a tribe.

And she is just one of many.

Question #3: ”Should I do it?”

If you’re like Becky, the woman I mentioned at the beginning of this email, and you’ve visited the Tribe Writers site more than a few times, each time considering signing up but never pulling the trigger, there’s a reason for that.

I don’t know if it’s fear or resistance or something else holding you back, but for a moment, I want you to forget about that. And I want you to consider what might not happen if you don’t take this next step:

You might not write a book.
You might not reach someone with your message, someone who really needs your words.
You might keep dreaming of becoming a writer someday instead of being one today.

That’s why Jeff offer a money-back guarantee. Because he want this to be right for you, and it’s the best thing he can do in lieu of letting you take a “test drive.”

If you sign up for the course and it isn’t everything he’s promised, He’ll give you your money back. No questions asked. In fact, you can go through the whole course for the next 30 days and still get a refund. You even get to keep most of the $500 in bonuses.

That’s not a bad deal, right? What do you have to lose?

Question #4: “What do I get?”

I hope you’ll consider doing this. Not for me. Not even for you. But for those people who haven’t heard what you have to say, who haven’t been changed by your message but need it.

This course will give you what it takes for you to find that tribe of readers who are ready for action. That audience who will buy every book you sell and give your words the attention they merit.

Just to refresh your memory, here’s what comes with the course:

  • 8 weeks of original content (over 30 video lessons), which people have called “life-changing”
  • Access to an online forum and Facebook group
  • Step-by-step tutorials on setting up a blog, learning how to guest post, even publishing an eBook
  • Expert interviews with fiction and nonfiction authors who have built successful platforms and published their work
  • Access to Jeff and my team to help you work through any obstacles you encounter
  • Ongoing encouragement and challenges through private accountability groups
  • $500 in signup bonuses that you can download immediately (and other than course memberships you can keep these if you get a refund)

Question #5: “Will it work?”

But more importantly, here’s what you’ll have by the end of the course:

Confidence in your writing voice and clear in your unique message and style
A blog and email newsletter that people are actually reading and engaging with
An eBook manifesto that will help you dramatically grow your audience
The step-by-step guide Jeff uses to connect with influential people and get his work published on popular websites and magazines
A detailed plan to publish your book and start making a living as a writer

Jeff has done everything he teaches in this course and helped thousands of others do the same. As Jeff says, “If you do the work, you will see the results.”

So this is your final call. Today is the LAST day to register for the course. After today, registration closes, and you won’t be able to sign up until registration opens again later this year.

This really is the best time to join. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you take no risk, get a ton of free bonuses, have access to an incredible community, not to mention a whole lot more.

So here’s the real question…

Do you really want this?

If you’re ready to begin, here’s all you have to do to get started:

Visit this page before 11:59 p.m. Pacific (U.S.) Time on November 19th.

Choose the Standard or Premium membership.
Follow the instructions to register your username and password on the membership site.
Login and get started immediately! (If you encounter any hangups, just email Jeff.)

That’s it! It’s really that easy. Once you’re in, you’re in for good. There are no additional charges or hidden fees. It’s a one-time deal (unless you opt for one of our affordable payment plans, which is totally cool).

Now’s your chance to take the next step towards your dreams:

Lastly, I want to share just a few words from James, a student who has been a part of Tribe Writers since the very beginning. He said joining the community was one of the best decisions he’s ever made, not only for his writing but for his life.

Here’s how he put it:

“Becoming a Tribe Writer has transformed me from an amateur to a professional. But not just with my writing. With my entire life. Because if any of us are going to grow, we can’t stand still. We have to step out. We have to take risks. We have to leave our comfort zone behind. If we don’t, our lives might be safer. But we won’t become the people we were made to be. Do you really want that?”

That’s a powerful question. I’ll leave it up to you to answer.

All the best,


P.S. Tribe Writers registration closes TODAY at 11:59 p.m. Pacific. This is the very best deal you could get, as the price will be going up next time.

When you join, you get unlimited access to all the content and a lifetime membership, so you can go through it as much as you want, whenever you want. If now’s not a good time, but you’d like to get locked with this great deal, and go through it later, you can totally do that.

Over 3000 people have already taken this course, and they’re raving about it. There’s a reason for that. The content, community, and connections made through Tribe Writers have been life-changing for many. The same could be true for you.

It’s time to find your tribe and discover your true voice.

Get started today.