Subject: Important Information for LibraryBub Affiliates

Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for becoming a LibraryBub Affiliate.

How it Works

LibraryBub connects best-selling and award-winning self-published and small press authors with around 10,000 libraries in the USA. Every week we send out an email to librarians featuring those great books.

When you refer authors to LibraryBub direct them to the opt-in page ( using your affiliate link. 

The reason why you should direct them to the opt-in page is that they will be cookied for six months and when they make a purchase any time from the moment they visit LibraryBub you will get the commission (currently 50% of $99).

Once they sign up and get cookied they will be redirected to the sales page:

When you direct them to the opt-in page you will not have to remind them about LibraryBub - we will, so you will not burn your list.

Also, everyone knows that people don't make a purchase on the spot, so it's better to make them familiar with the service and we'll take care of the rest.

Swipe Copy

Here's some copy that converts well, modify it so that it fits your style:

Subject: The secret way to get your book into libraries

Dear [name],

If you have a great book and you want to get it into US libraries, then this message is for you. Here's why: now there's a way to get self-published books into libraries. [Insert your affiliate link]

What most authors do when they want libraries to order their book is:
  • Make it available via CreateSpace's expanding distribution.
  • Make it available via Ingram Spark.
  • Hope their book gets noticed.
But for most people, none of that works.
  • Createspace's expanded distribution and Ingram Spark get your book into the right databases just like Amazon gets your book online.
  • There are millions of books in these databases.
  • Librarians do not have time to go through these databases in search of great indie reads.
And what happens if you continue relying on CreateSpace and Ingram Spark? If you just keep doing what you've been doing?

Your excellent book will never find its way to millions of readers checking out books from libraries.

I've got an answer that works. There's a new service called LibraryBub that filled this gap. It connects best-selling and award-winning self-published and small press authors with around 10,000 libraries in the USA.

Here's what authors are saying:

"To gain exposure like this, is what every self-published author dreams of! Having our books considered by libraries only expands our opportunities to reach new readers everywhere! LibraryBub’s plan to reach them is an invaluable service and every author who is considering this service should jump on board without reservations! Thank you, LibaryBub! This service exceeded my expectations!" - S.L. Morgan

"Anytime my books can get in front of readers is a good day. Anytime my books can be seen by librarians is a fantastic day. The more people who know about my book, "Fractured Not Broken", the more books I’ll sell. LibraryBub is a great marketing tool that increased the visibility of my books and boosted sales." - Michelle Weidenbenner

"LibraryBub has increased my sales and exposure far beyond my expectations. Only two (yes 2) days after the LibraryBub email was sent out, I began receiving notes from several libraries thanking me for this service informing them of my book (“From the Kitchens of Pancho Villa”)….and they purchased it! Libraries are an unusual and unique market, LibraryBub has what it takes to break into that market. LibraryBub has done just what they said they would. If you are an Indie author, you need this service! Thank you LibraryBub!" - Karina Ann Betlem

Now it's your turn.

If you have a great book (award-winning and/or best-selling) apply for a feature at LibraryBub [Insert your affiliate link] and get thousands of librarians notified about it.

To your success!
[Your name]

P.S. If you have an award-winning or best-selling book get it in front of thousands of librarians by applying for a feature at LibraryBub [Insert your affiliate link].

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