Subject: How to get massive exposure for your book

No author's book can get bought without being seen. Unfortunately, advertising can be pretty expensive; plus it is a proven fact that readers prefer to buy books others have recommended. In fact, they'll listen to almost anybody but advertisements – friends, social media group members, newpaper reporters, magazine writers, and TV-anchors.

Here are the naked facts:

If you want to write a bestseller you'll need to sell thousands of books to get the momentum that Amazon will feature your book in a top position where "everybody" can see your book. It is almost impossible to achieve that just by collaborating with social media friends.

But, there are also organziations who already reach millions of people – magazines and TV. Authors can take advantage of that situation. Please don't feel insignificant but hear me out.

Authors who are featured on TV are considered 'expert' authors, even though they achieved their expert status largely by being featured in the media. In other words, you only become an expert author because you are featured on TV, but the viewers consider authors who are being featured on TV to be expert authors.

While it is difficult to be featured on a national TV show, local TV is looking and WAITING FOR YOU. Though TV anchors are experts in presenting the news they cannot interpret them, because that would be biased.

That's why all big TV stations have experts under contract, who get to talk about the important issues of the day. For instance, Dr. Sanjay Gupta is CNN’s chief medical correspondent. Even if you wrote an awesome book about a medical topic and can talk most eloquently about complicated medical issues, chances are extremely slim that CNN will put you on air because Dr. Sanjay Gupta is already on their payroll.

Local TV does not have that luxury; in other words, this is where you can make yourself a name.

What if you did not write a medical book but a romance novel?

All you need to do is to "pitch" the TV station as an expert, shortly before the "right day."

On February 14 is Valentine's Day, most certainly a day of romance. As the author of a romance novel, you can pitch your TV station with,
  •  "5 Tips to make this Valentine's Day the Best Ever!"
If you wrote a romantic novel playing out in the Middle Ages, you can pitch your TV station with
  •  "Romantic Customs of the Middle Ages you have never heard about" or
  •  "How romantic were the knights of the Middle Ages really? The answer might surprise you." 
If you wrote a cooking book, you could pitch,

  •  "Cook a Romantic Dinner in only 50 minutes, which leaves lots of time for Romance" and so on...
Don't know on what day to pitch? Check out this website:

Your reward will be that the news station will feature you and a picture of your book on the screen in the background. They will also announce one of your book signing if you have one scheduled because are grateful that "an expert" speaks about a topic that they can't talk about.

Your next thought is probably: "I have never done this before. What if I mess up?"

Ask the TV station for a link to your TV clip. If you do well, you can link from your website to this clip, and if you don't, you can still put a screen print on your website and write, "As seen on (station)," next to it.

If you do really well, you can do this often. TV stations appreciate to have an expert at hand who can talk about related issues. I am an email-evangelist and expert. I have talked about everything from "how to write best emails" to "how to write a best resume." Every time I did, my book was featured in a prime position on the screen.

So, go and throw your fears out the door and pitch your TV-station thereby getting a step closer to achieving national fame. You have nothing to lose and everything to win.

by Gisela Hausmann, author of: 

To your success!

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