Subject: How to build your tribe (advice from best-selling author Jeff Goins)

Dear Friend,

Do you know how to build your tribe? Do you know how to find the people who will buy all your books in all formats and will read everything you publish? 

There is no one correct answer to this. How you should build your tribe will depend on what type of person you are.

Are you a journalist? The Journalist builds his platform on asking questions. The only requisite for this type of platform is curiosity.

Are you a prophet? The Prophet builds her platform on telling the truth. The requisite for this type of platform is a passion for authenticity.

Are you an artist? The Artist builds his platform by creating art — whether it’s music, painting, or entrepreneurship. The requirement is an eye for beauty.

Are you a professor? The Professor builds her platform on facts and information. She does extensive research until she has achieved mastery. Of course, there is always more to learn, but this type of person knows more than most. The only requirement is a longing to learn.

Are you a celebrity? These people are famous because, well, they’re famous. A product of a media- saturated culture, celebrities are a need breed of in uencers. They woo and scandalize, and we love them, nonetheless. But not everyone can be a celebrity.

Whichever category you belong to, you need to build a platform, only the "how" will change. Best-selling author Jeff Goins shares with us strategies on how to build our tribe depending on what we're good at.

It's an excellent read.

To your success!


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