Subject: How to Grow Your Audience in 2016

There's some really bad advice around about how you can best grow your audience.

Here are just a few magic tricks I'm sure you've heard before:
  • "Write more books"
  • "Start a podcast"
  • "Make videos"
  • "Write more blog posts"
Do they work? They certainly make YOU work - mostly unnecessarily. 

So what should we do if we can't follow random advice? My favorite approach is to find someone who is already successful and model their approach!

That's why today I'd like to present you to....Nick Stephenson! He's a best-selling author who makes 7 figures with his writing!!!

Who doesn't want to model THAT!?

I know I do. And I bet you do too! That's why we both need to watch this video from Nick:

Nick explains how authors can use a 3 step formula to overcome 5 top struggles they face.

Just click this link:, enter your email address, and you’ll get access to the first video right away. Then Nick will send you the rest of the training series when it’s ready.

In this free video training series you’ll also learn:
  • How to use ebooks to grow your audience on autopilot
  • How to sell without being sleazy, and get readers begging to buy from you
  • How to put everything on autopilot so you can avoid overwhelm and focus on other things
  • Why “just write more content” is terrible advice, and what you should do instead
Over the course of 3 videos, Nick’s going to break it all down for you.

But for now, go watch Video 1 here:

And Nick will be sure to send you the rest of your free training as soon as it’s ready.

To your success!