Subject: How Michael, Russell and Alinka built an audience from scratch

Meet Micheal Maxwell and Russell Blake.

They are both Nick's students whose author careers flourished after they implemented Nick's strategies (and so has mine).

Case Study 1: Micheal Maxwell (no opt-in required):

In the first case study, Nick shows us how the strategies he teaches in the program helped a newbie self-published author go from $16 a month in book sales to over $3,000 a month within a few weeks, while growing his audience from 0 to several thousand subscribers and fans.

Case Study 2: Russell Blake (no opt-in required):

In the second case study, Nick takes us through how NYT Bestseller Russell Blake used Your First 10,000 Readers to grow an audience of 3,000 new fans in just a few weeks and use that audience to launch his new series to the top of the charts (with a launch price of $7.99).

Case Study 3: Alinka Rutkowska

I am a big fan of Nick's course as I bought it myself and learnt a great deal from it. More than a case study, I will give you my premium flagship course Author Remake free of charge when you purchase Nick's course.

To your success!