Subject: How John Locke Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months

Dear Friend,

I've been reading much more than usual since my baby was born two weeks ago. The reason might be funny: while I feed him and he's dozing off I can't really write anything (I need two hands and ten fingers for that) but I can consume large numbers of books on my kindle!

John Locke's "How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months" spiked my interest and I got it despite the reviews.

In his book he shares what worked and what didn't in his self-publishing journey and most importantly he details four keys to his success.

While I won't reveal all his secrets (it wouldn't be fair) I will share with you one: "know your target audience." I agree that this is key and that many authors just write because they feel a profound need to without really focusing on who they are writing for. What you need to do is understand who your ideal reader is, what gender, what age, what are her interests, what are her needs? And then create a product that gives them what they want.

This approach also makes marketing much easier - you already know who your target audience is and you should know where they hang: Facebook? Goodreads? Blogs? Forums? Offline?

John Locke seems to have been very transparent in his book however the first review you see on his Amazon sales page, entitled "The Secret He Left Out," says that in an interview in New York Times he admitted that he paid for 300 reviewers to heap praise on his books and that backfired (btw, he paid $1,000 for the first 50 reviews he got). Luckily this isn't something we need to worry about since you can get hundreds of real reviews using ethical methods in this online training:

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Happy reading, if you get the book and lots of reviews, if you get the training!
Alinka Rutkowska