Subject: How I Got 100 Amazon Reviews in 3 Days (Behind the Scenes)

Dear Friend,

100+ Amazon reviews in 3 days is my newest personal record and I will show you how I did it right in this email.

Here's the book in question:, launched on Feb 6th, hit 100 reviews on Feb 9th.

You can follow the steps below and get your reviews spread in time, or you can plan a big launch and get them all in a couple of days. That's up to you.

First some statistics and psychology: I got 112 reviews from a team of 260 launch team members, who signed up and committed to reviewing my book on launch day. That's over 40%, which is actually very high. Usually around one third of the people who commit to review a book, do so. Why? I don't know, maybe they lose interest or have other commitments but it's important to be aware of these numbers. When you have a specific number of reviews in mind, you have to get triple that number of people to agree to review your book.

In order to have a certain number of people to agree to review your book, you need to contact several times more people. Many will ignore your request so I think you need to ask roughly 4 times more people than you want on your launch team. Does this mean I contacted 1000 people before getting 100 reviews? Probably. 

So where do you get 1000 potential reviewers interested in reading and reviewing your book?

Below is an estimate of where the 1000 came from:

50% came from my activity on Goodreads. I have a special system I use to find passionate reviewers but it requires time (15 min a day once you've got everything set up). I've been doing this for several months before I got these people on my mailing list. Here's the system:

10% are Amazon Top Reviewers. I went to and I looked for people reviewing books in my genre. I also contacted reviewers who reviewed books similar to mine.

10% I got using the Author Marketing Club Reviewer Grabber (it's a premium feature). This tool scans Amazon for reviewer emails and websites. You just insert the books you want the tool to scan and it does the work. I got over 100 people this way.

10% are bloggers who have featured me before or whom I approached specifically for this launch.

5% come from a mini-blog tour. Even though I'm not a huge fan of these, I got a very good offer from one of the bloggers I contacted and it seems to be working.

5% came from LibraryThing. I ran a "Member Giveaway" giving away 100 e-copies. 50 people requested it and when I sent out the book I mentioned that I have this launch going on. 10 people signed up.

5% came from a free KDP promo I ran for another book. I have a call to action inside, which gets people on my mailing list and some of the thousands of people who downloaded the book when it was free (I promoted that fact) subscribed.

5% are friends and fellow authors (these are not review swaps) - people who support me and want to see me succeed. 

$105 annually to use Author Marketing Club Reviewer Grabber
$75 mini blog-tour (10 reviews and an interview)
$25 to advertise the KDP promo 

To get my launch team all excited about this launch, I put them in a draw, in which they can win some cool stuff:
$50 Amazon Gift Card
$20 for four $5 Amazon Gift Cards
$35 for 5 paperback + postage
I have some more e-gifts, which don't cost me anything (okay, they are in my fixed costs).


Important note: I only sent out pdf copies, so that didn't cost me anything and I always contact people personally, using their first name and sometimes trying to connect with them in a way (e.g. "You're from New Zealand!? I love NZ! I met my husband on a cruise from Auckland to Sydney!")

Now in terms of's time consuming but the satisfaction of launching a book with 100+ reviews... that's priceless!

And you now what the best part is? I have all these people's email addresses, so next time I launch a book, it will only take a couple of emails ;)

And you now what, when I launched my first or second children's book, I remember that I was in Venice with my husband and I told him, "we should celebrate, my book is coming out," so we had a glass of wine but that was it. No reviews, no launch, no buzz and now everything changed and if you're struggling with getting reviews you now have the tools to get them. It mostly takes time and determination, oh and passion!
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