Subject: Great Indie & Small Press Books in Your Library Feb 4

Below are this week's recommendations of best-selling and award-winning indie & small press books.
LibraryBub Books Feb 4
The Rocking Horse
by Karrie A. Loomis 

After wandering too far out of their backyard, Michaela and Sylvia discovered an abandoned house. Of course, the sisters couldn't just walk away. Inside the house Sylvia found a rocking horse that tempted the girls with the promise of a fun ride.

However, the ride wasn't what it at first appeared to be. Because of the deceptive horse, the girls found themselves trapped in darkness. As Michaela and Sylvia struggled to escape, their bond grew stronger and they began to understand what it means to work together, be brave, believe in themselves and to put an effort into their actions.

In the darkness, a ghost appeared and told the sisters about the mistake she had made of also accepting a deceitful ride, but it wasn't a horse that tricked her.

Category: A fiction 'stranger-danger' chapter book perfect for ages 8-10

Alligators Overhead 
by C. Lee McKenzie 

Alligators, witches and a spooky mansion aren't your average neighbors unless you live at the edge of the Ornofree swamp in the backwater town of Hadleyville. The town’s bad boy, Pete Riley, is twelve, but he’s up to his eyeballs in trouble, and this time he isn’t the cause. 

This time the trouble arrives when a legendary hundred-year-old mansion, materializes next door and the Ornofree alligators declare war to save their swamp from bulldozers. When Pete’s guardian aunt vanishes while trying to restore order using outdated witchcraft, Pete must find her and stop the war. He might stand a chance if his one friend, Weasel, sticks with him.

Category: Fantasy & Magic

A Beholden Heart
by M. L. Steinbrunn  

Have you ever looked around at your life and thought to yourself, this can’t be what the universe had planned for me?

Here's what our character says:

This thought enters my brain…Every. Single. Day.
I have no clue what I’m supposed to be doing, but this isn’t it.
I don’t want extraordinary. I’ve never wanted extraordinary. I just want normal…whatever that is.

When I enrolled in Middleton High School, I was just looking to find some resemblance to the typical high school experience.
Then I met Matt Rhodes. He lives the life of envy: popular, athletic, top of his class. Yet he wants none of it; he would gladly give it all up to gain back everything that he’s lost.

Together we will redefine normal.

Honors: Reader's Favorite Five Stars.

Category: Young Adult/Teen Fiction

OUT-of-STYLE: A Modern Perspective of How, Why and When Vintage Fashions Evolved
by Betty Kreisel Shubert 

This is the book that makes other 'History of Costume' books, already in libraries, more easily understood. The author, a Hollywood costume designer turned fashion historian, writes & illustrates for where she shows how the illustrations in OUT-of-STYLE can time-date old family photos. The book provides 700 of her own illustrations alongside succinct, descriptive text. 

 "A fabulously, fascinating FUN book to read!" -MidWest Book Review

Honors: Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2013; Winner 2015 Beverly Hills Best Book Award: Category Performing Arts, Film & Theater; Family Tree Magazine U : OUR TOP CHOICE in Category Genealogy how to time-date old family photos; 2014 USA Best Book Award: category Performing Arts.

Category: Costume History and Genealogy

The Unhappening of Genesis Lee
by Shallee McArthur 

Seventeen-year-old Genesis Lee has never forgotten anything. As one of the Mementi—a small group of genetically enhanced humans—Gena remembers everything with the help of her Link bracelets, which preserve them perfectly. But Links can be stolen, and six people have already lost their lives to a memory thief, including Gena’s best friend.

Anyone could be next. That’s why Gena is less than pleased to meet a strange but charming boy named Kalan who claims not only that they have met before, but also that Gena knows who the thief is.

The problem is that Gena doesn’t remember Kalan, she doesn’t remember seeing the thief, and she doesn’t know why she’s forgetting things—or how much else she might forget. As growing tensions between Mementi and ordinary humans drive the city of Havendale into chaos, Gena and Kalan team up to search for the thief. And as Gena loses more memories, they realize th
ey have to solve the mystery fast…because Gena’s life is unhappening around her.

Category: Science Fiction

My Love for You Is the Sun
by Julie Hedlund

My Love for You is the Sun is a love letter from parent to child, written in verse and expressing that timeless and unconditional love through metaphors from the natural world. My Love for You is the Sun, a Tree, the Rain, a River... but of course, it s also about more than familial or parental love, it s about the universal, infinite nature of love itself, and as such, will hold crossover appeal for all ages.

Illustrated with the clay art of Susan Eaddy, this melodious tour of parent-and-child animals in their various habitats will mesmerize children at bedtime, and help them feel a connection with the loved one sharing it with them. With soothing verses evoking the beauty and wonder of the natural world, combined with stunning, hand-sculpted clay illustrations, this book is one families everywhere will read again and again.

Category: Children's Book
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