Subject: Great Indie & Small Press Books in Your Library Feb 25

Below are this week's recommendations of best-selling and award-winning indie & small press books.
LibraryBub Books Feb 25
Love Them Back to LIFE: A Brain Theory of Everything 
by Ariane Page

To face this century's challenges, we need to reconnect with our inner gods, say theorist André Malraux and psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung. Love Them Back to LIFE explains why this is essential. She takes us into the heart of the intuitive, forgotten model on which most traditions were built. This is Nature’s model. She shows the journey humans embark upon at birth and through evolution, unfolding this model echoed by the human brain. Science is about to discover it. This will trigger a paradigm shift and alter our perception of genders, nature, love and life.

“A vibrant, eclectic sojourn into the meaning of it all...”—Kirkus Reviews

Honors: Indiefab Finalist, psychology; Readers' Favorite bronze medal, philosophy/self-help.

Category: Psychology/Self-Help

Thirty Days to Thirty 
by Courtney Psak

What if you were on the cusp of marrying the guy of your dreams and reaching that career goal you set for yourself, only for all of it to be taken away in one fell swoop?

What if this all happened a month before you turned 30?

This is the story of Jill Stevens, who after moving back home, finds a list she made in high school of thirty things she wanted to accomplish before her thirtieth birthday.

With a month left and hardly anything crossed off her list, she teams up with old friends to accomplish as much as she can before the big 3-0.

Honors: Best Fiction Award 2015 (1st Place in Romance) Urban Literary Agency; Amazon best-seller.

Category: Romantic Comedy

Everybody Cooks! STEM Facts and Recipes for Family Cooperation and Healthier Eating - Holiday Favorites 
by Renee Heiss 

Everybody Cooks! STEM Facts and Recipes for Family Cooperation and Healthier Eating - Holiday Favorites is a revolutionary new cookbook concept. It is a sequence of family interactions that enhances the meal preparation experience. 

Each recipe reveals STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concepts and easy-to-understand nutrition information. Most importantly, this cookbook lists recipe tasks by ability so children see that they can cooperate to create a single recipe. All ages and abilities can participate in family meal preparation.

Honors: Mom's Choice Awards Silver Certificate.

Category: Cookbook

The Trouble With Peer Pressure: A Simple "My ADHD Story" for Young Teens
by Darlene R. Wood  

Based on a true story for children ages 8-18 - everyday life with ADHD and peer pressure can be challenging. This book is a practical guide to help you navigate the challenges including thinking about the consequences of your actions, and strategies to feel less isolated by the label of ADHD. 

It is a short story with lots of colored illustrations to keep the child engaged and stay focused from beginning to end. This book is a valuable resource for you and your family that will make life easier for you, both in school and at home.

Category: Parenting > Teenagers

Simon the Self Control Seal
by Kyri Demby 

Simon is a seal who always makes good choices because he uses self control. If you're having a little trouble following the rules and making good choices, you should use Simon's little trick for controlling himself. He sings his little song; "Stop, think, and breathe, and make the right choice!"

After you learn this trick, you will have a great time everywhere you go. As one of the many Demby's Playful Parables, Simon the Self Control Seal let's you know how to always make right choices as you become an example for all the other students at your school. Then maybe someone will write a book about YOU!

Honors: Readers' Favorite Five Stars.

Category: Children's Book

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