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Below are this week's recommendations of best-selling and award-winning indie & small press books.
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Determined: The Story of Holocaust Survivor Avraham Perlmutter 
by by A. Avraham Perlmutter Ph.D. 

Avraham Perlmutter is just ten years old when his life changes forever. In 1938, the Nazis arrive in Avraham’s hometown of Vienna, Austria. Desperate to help their son survive, his parents send him to the Netherlands. But the invading German army soon follows. During the ensuing war-torn years, young Avraham braves harrowing captures, daring escapes, torturous hiding, and heartbreaking losses. Yet he also experiences the goodness of humanity through the strangers who help him.

Surviving the Holocaust takes ingenuity, guts, and sheer determination—all of which he calls on again, when he fights to establish the State of Israel during its War of Independence. And when mere existence isn’t enough, Avraham moves to the United States to continue his education and pursue his dreams.

Honors: Amsterdam Book Festival 2015 – Winner: Autobiography/Biography;
Southern California Book Festival 2015 – Runner-Up: Biography/Autobiography;
Readers’ Favorite Book Awards 2015 – Bronze Award Winner: Autobiography;
Ninth Annual Indie Excellence Book Awards – Finalist: Autobiography;
Beverly Hills Book Awards 2015 – Finalist: Autobiography;
2015 Kindle Book Awards – Semi-Finalist: Non-Fiction;
San Francisco Book Festival 2015 – Honorable Mention: Autobiography/Biography;
Beach Book Festival 2015 – Honorable Mention: Autobiography/Biography;
Los Angeles Book Festival 2015 – Honorable Mention: Biography/Autobiography/Memoir;
New York Festival 2015 – Honorable Mention: Autobiography/Biography;’s e-book Cover Design Awards – Gold Star Winner;
Amazon #1 Kindle Bestseller in Nonfiction;
Amazon #1 Kindle Bestseller in Biographies and Memoirs;
Amazon #1 Kindle Bestseller in History;
Wall Street Journal Bestseller: Nonfiction E-books.

Category: Biographies & Memoirs / Holocaust

The Belief in Angels 
by J. Dylan Yates

A raw and haunting, coming-of-age novel about a courageous, young girl and her grandfather who share tragedy, unique survival skills and a divine intervention.

Growing up in her parents' crazy hippie household on a tiny island off the coast of Boston, Jules's imaginative sense of humor is the weapon she wields as a defense against the chaos of her family's household. Somewhere between routine discipline with horsewhips, gun-waving gambling debt collectors, and LSD-laced breakfast cereal adventures, tragedy strikes a blow from which Jules may never recover.

Honors:Winner of the 2015 THEODOR S. GEISEL AWARD;
Winner of the 2015 SAN DIEGO BOOK AWARDS for General Fiction; 
Winner of the 2014 USA BEST BOOK AWARD for Cross Genre Fiction;
Finalist 2015 INDIE EXCELLENCE AWARDS for Literary Fiction;
In addition, the YA Adaptation of THE BELIEF IN Angels won the following awards:
Winner of the 2015 GOLD IPPY Award;  
Finalist 2014 USA BEST BOOK AWARD;  
Finalist 2015 KINDLE BOOK AWARD;  
Honorable Mention 2015 LEAPFROG PRESS AWARD.

Category: Family & Relationships / Religion & Spirituality

When All That's Left of Me Is Love 
by Linda Campanella 

Written by a heartbroken daughter soon after her terminally ill mother’s death, this memoir offers an intimate look at one family’s unwavering determination to live purposefully and above all joyfully while anticipating inevitable loss. Linda Campanella takes readers on an emotional journey from day of diagnosis through moment of death and into the first months of coming to terms with the pain and permanence of loss. In the process, she finds comfort in profound gratitude for many unexpected gifts.

The story is intensely personal yet illuminates universal themes that resonate broadly. Filled with lessons for living and loving, it is inspiring not only those who face or fear death but also those who love and embrace life. It gently comforts those who have experienced loss and may struggle with letting go. And it provides valuable insights for anyone involved or interested in end-of-life care.   

Honors: Recipient of the 2012 Nautilus Silver Award;
2012 Living Now Book Award gold medal; 
2012 Readers Favorite silver medal; 
2011 Reader Views Literary Award 1st-place honor in two categories;
Life Journeys Award for Best Memoir or Biography; 
2013 National Indie Excellence Book Awards finalist.

Category: Death/Inspirational

Yakima's Gift 
by Linda Covella 

It’s 1775 in Mexico, New Spain, and 15-year-old Fernanda Marquina, of Spanish and Pima Indian ancestry, can’t seem to live up to her mother’s expectations or fit into the limited female roles of her culture. After a tragic accident, Fernanda and her family join Juan Bautista de Anza’s historic colonization expedition to California. On the journey, Fernanda will discover not only romance, but truths that will change the way she sees her ancestry, her family, and herself.

Yakimali’s Gift offers intriguing discussion opportunities. Though the story takes place in 1775, issues Fernanda and other characters face are relevant to today: race, religion, immigration, connection to family, marriage, and the passion of first romantic love.

Honors: Literary Classics Gold Medal for Young Adult Cultural Issues; 
Literary Classics Seal of Approval; 
RONE (Reward of Novel Excellence) Honorable Mention for Young Adult Category.

Category: Historical/Romance

All the Things We Never Knew: Chasing the Chaos of Mental Illness 
by Sheila Hamilton 

Library Journal Five Starred Review, Booklist Highly Recommended, Cheryl Strayed, "I could not put this book down. I will be recommending this absorbing memoir for years to come."

Honors: Five-time Emmy award winning journalist;
Oregon's Mental Health Hero 2015; 
Best morning radio personality, Oregon 2015.

Category: Mental Health

Casey's Slip 
Richard L Wren

A grizzled "Hell's Angel" type, SMITTY, and a fledgling young sailboat captain, CASEY, are pursued by a dirty cop with a vendetta against SMITTY, jailed overnight and accused of murder.
SMITTY and CASEY each believe the other guilty but must reluctantly join forces and use all their wits and imagination to prove their innocence. Dirty cops, crooked politicians, professional killers, blackmailing businessmen are countered with elaborate con games, a phony movie shoot and some motorcycle gang muscle.

Honors: Indie Excellence Book Awards FINALIST.

Category: Thrillers & Suspense
Extraordinary Sam: And The Adventurers' Guild 
by Kevin A Springer 

Sam Miller seems like an ordinary twelve-year-old boy, but the discovery of a mysterious box changes his life forever. He soon finds himself in a strange world full of adventure and magic where he must battle pirates, giant spiders, and an evil tyrant. To survive, Sam must overcome his fears, solve riddles, and most of all, be Extraordinary.

Honors: Five stars from Readers' Favorite.

Category: Fantasy & Magic

Night Buddies Go Sky High
by Sands Hetherington 

When young John Degraffenreidt and his red crocodile buddy, Crosley, show up at the Pineapple Cheesecake Factory and find Big Foot Mae lying on the floor, staring up at her Great Star Puzzle on the ceiling, they expect something’s afoot. Crosley only wants a new supply of pineapple cheesecakes, but what Mae points to on her ceiling will start the Night Buddies on a totally new fantasy adventure.

A suspicious white dot has passed through the Corkscrew Constellation and is now moving underneath the Hound Dog Stars. Across the Borough, Crosley’s brother Crenwinkle sees the same curious speck in the sky. It looks to be a long night for sleepyhead John, but thanks to the time spreader dingus with its sleep retardant setting, he gets right into their next escapade. 

Honors: Multi-award-winning series.

Category: Children's Book

Buddy Comes to Breakfast
by Dee M Emeigh 

Buddy Comes to Breakfast tells the true story of the author’s visit to Nevada, where she is introduced to an adopted Desert Tortoise (Gopherus agassizii) named Buddy. An original, easy-to-learn poem runs through every beautifully illustrated page of the book, making this an inviting literary experience for younger children. For middle-school ages and above, the story line teaches about Buddy and his habits. Also included are a glossary of important words to know and lists of websites for more information about the Desert Tortoise, which has been on the Federal Endangered Species list as “threatened” for more than a decade.

Honors: Five stars from Readers' Favorite.

Category: Children's Book

The World Inside Us: Kickin' Ash!
by Dr. Paul Moniz  

Kickin' Ash is the third in series of children's books, The World Inside Us. It is beautifully illustrated and delves into the dangers of smoking. It uses a rhyming narrative so is both fun and easy to read. The main characters, Professor Ann Attamee (Anatomy) and her computer sidekick "Fizzy" OLLA-G, (Physiology) take fun journeys through different body systems and/or diseases in each different book. Discover more of The World Inside Us!

Children's Book
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