Subject: For those wanting to publish a book in 90 days

Dear Friend,

There are different approaches to writing and publishing books. Some people write to feel accomplished, to fulfill a life-long dream or to leave something tangible in this world, something that will outlive even them. Then there are others who publish books to build or grow their business, to have passive income, to grow their authority and have ambitions to become a best-selling author.

If you're in the latter group you will really enjoy this free webinar hosted by best-selling author Chandler Bolt tomorrow (Sept 16th) at 6 pm PST and 9 pm EST

Here's what you'll learn:
  • Which dream-killing myths about becoming an author hold us back from the success we deserve (and how to check “write a book” off your bucket list)
  • An approach to find your bestselling book idea in under an hour - and turn your idea into a finished book in 3 steps
  • 5 secrets of an author forced to write his first book - 200+ pages - in just 1 week
  • How Chandler Bolt made $4,000/month in passive income with his first book & used it to start a company 
  • The Bestselling Book Launch Blueprint (including Amazon’s “Rule of 3”)
  • Case studies of bestselling authors who made $1,287, $5,500, even $12,424.03 just from their books after going through this training - with additional royalty checks coming in every month

What if you can't make it tomorrow (Sept 16th) at 6 pm PST and 9 pm EST? Don't worry, sign up anyway, a little birdie told me that there will be a replay :)

To your success :)

P.S. This free live presentation will teach you every step to become a published author in 90 days. Just click here to reserve your spot

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