Subject: Email marketing conference 2016 - free tickets

Should authors bother with email marketing? Of course! We authors function in this world just like any other business and our readers are our clients.

That's why we need to publish books with calls to action in them that direct readers to our mailing list.

But what do you do once they're on your list?

Well, why not let 35+ experts take care of that. Go here:

The Email Success Summit is an online conference on March 14-23. 

It's over a week of pure email marketing gold.

We authors shouldn't be behind the rest of the world as far as online marketing is concerned.

Have you heard of Joe Konrath, Joanna Penn or Nick Stephenson? Well, they have huge lists and each time they have a new release they just send an email, which gets their book on the best-seller charts.

We can do it too!

To your success!