Subject: Email List Building for Authors - THE Course

The New Year is almost here! And I want 2016 to be the type of year where you really take things to the next level. That's why I'm telling you about my buddy Buck Flogging's course on what I think is the most important marketing tool for authors (and if you've been on my list for a while, you know that I repeat this often).

The most important marketing tool for authors is: building a SERIOUS email list. Get started with Buck's course here:

He really knows his stuff. He's the one who created the second biggest service for readers and authors - right after BookBub!

Buck started out struggling to get email subscribers like most of us, but in just over a two year period he's gone from getting 10 email subscribers per day to nearly 1,000 with even bigger projections for January and February.

These aren't dead email subscribers. These are real people from countries where people have extra money to spend, and they open their emails at a very high rate (over 30% for most of his lists).

As an author, you really need an 80:20 type marketing solution, and building a large, quality list of email subscribers is without a doubt the top way to do it as just about any successful self-published author can tell you. 

So I say with 100% confidence that you NEED to take this course if you're not satisfied with your results thus far, and I'm 110% confident that Buck is the guy you want to learn this stuff from. He's a true expert on what works best NOW.

Check out this short video about the power of building a Serious Email List. CLICK HERE:

To your success!