Subject: Do you make this mistake in your book marketing, Friend?

Friend, you know how I quit my job because I was making a decent living with the one book I had published? I wrote all about that in my previous email.

Well, after a few months of pure exhilaration that I was finally free from my corporate job and successfully replaced my corporate income with my book royalties...

…the unthinkable happened.

Those royalties that had convinced me to quit my job started dropping.

First they dropped by a quarter, then by half, until I was left with only 20% my original salary.

Unwelcome thoughts took residence in my head:

What if my dad was right? What if writers really didn’t make ends meet and I was one of them?

Friend, I was starting to feel humiliated. 

But then…

It hit me for the third time.

Books aren’t really like washing machines.

What worked short-term, doesn't work long-term.

Those are two completely different business models…
But they are models nonetheless…only…well…different.

It took me a few months but I finally figured out what that difference was. Do you want to know too?

And I know you’re good at your writing. I know you’ve poured your heart and soul onto those pages – so have I – and I know the satisfaction you feel when you finish your book.

But, as you see, good writing is only half of the equation.

Putting together what I learnt at university about sales and marketing, what the VP hammered into my head back at the office and my healthy share of trial and error, I finally figured out:
  • Why 80% of our marketing activities are a waste of time, and what to do to effectively market our books.
  • The single most powerful technique to get a constant stream of new readers. There are many ways to attract new readers but this one runs on autopilot and is free.
  • What makes readers not only find you but buy every book you release and tell their friends about it.
  • The fascinating secret the traditional publishers are withholding form their authors.
And most importantly,

I finally figured out what terrible, unforgivable mistake I was making.

And, Friend, 99% of authors make it.

When I fixed it I was back at my corporate income levels and higher.

See what that mistake is and how to fix it:

And I’ll be back in a few days with the rest of the story,
P.S. The strategies I used to sell my books short-term didn't work long-term. When I finally fixed the terrible mistake I was making in my marketing I was back at my corporate salary levels. 99% of authors are making this mistake. Are you one of them, Friend? Find out here: