Subject: Do you have the “blank page blues?”

Dear Friend,

If you want to become an author...

But you’re terrified of staring down a blank page...

This free video training course might be just the thing you need.

See, it’s intimidating when we have to start from scratch.

We know we want the end result - a book with our name on it or passive income checks, authority, or a booming business...

But as soon as we get that mental picture of a published book, we get overwhelmed.

It’s like the first time we drove a car.

It seems like there are a thousand things going on at once.

What’s that person doing? Do I need to put on my turn signal? What are my feet supposed to be doing? Which way do I turn?

But with help, driving becomes second nature. We could do it in our sleep.

What made the difference? We learned a system so we knew exactly what to do at each step.

Turns out the same thing happens with becoming an author, except most people spend years just trying to figure out how to get their book into first gear.

That’s why my friend Chandler Bolt put together a free video course to guide you every step of the way as you go from “no idea” to bestseller - a free gift to you.

Watch the video course:

Chandler is a college dropout who went from C-minus English student to 5X bestselling author. He’s even built a business that’s breaking 7 figures - in under 2 years.

But he wasn’t “lucky” or “brilliant” or just “born that way.”

He wasn’t even a good writer, which is great news for the rest of us.

See, you don’t need tons of raw talent or the perfect idea or a ton of time.

You don’t need an elaborate plan with 50 moving parts. (I’m talking about the blogs that shout “Top 100 things you can do to promote your book!”)

And you don’t need to spend years fighting and struggling.

Because Chandler figured out a better and faster way to become a bestselling author - even use your book to build your business, brand of following.

His solution isn’t elegant.

It won’t amaze you with its complexity, either (there are only 3 steps to the whole process).

But it works.

And I want to share it with you for free.

Watch the course now:


P.S. Hundreds of people are tackling their books using this 3-step FREE video course, “From ‘No Idea’ to Bestseller.” Join them now:
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