Subject: Description Makeover webinar tomorrow (6/22)

Tomorrow at noon eastern we will have a rare opportunity to pick expert copywriter's Bryan Cohen's brain on how to write book descriptions that sell.

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Just to give you a taste of what you will learn, take a look at this description makeover done using Bryan's strategies:


Clara is keeping a dark and deadly secret from William, the love of her life.
Not because she wants to hide things from him, but because her story is so
unbelievable. If she tells him, she could lose him. If she doesn’t tell him, she

On an overseas airplane ride, Clara finds a ring­sized jewelry box in
William's coat. Figuring that he wants to take their relationship to the next
level, Clara must decide whether or not she will open up to him. Maybe she
could find a way to live happily with him without exposing her secret.

Before she has a chance to decide, Clara comes face to face with an old
rival who holds the key to revealing Clara's past. Will Clara be able to win
over William despite the truth, or will she lose him forever?


Her supernatural secret could doom their love...

Clara has been lucky. She's spent countless hours with William, the love of
her life, without him finding out her dark and deadly secret. When she
discovers a ring­sized jewelry box in William's coat, she fears her
relationship with the most wonderful mortal will come crashing down.

Secrets give way to explosions and before Clara can right her wrongs, an old
rival may lay her past bare and destroy the love she holds so dear.
Can William love her for who she really is?

Hidden Intentions is a standalone story in the Transformed Series featuring
the characters of Clara Erikson and William Lennox. If you love supernatural
creatures, forbidden romance, and fast­paced action, then you'll love Stacy
Claflin's tale of paranormal romance.

Buy Hidden Intentions today and see all of Clara's secrets revealed!

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To your success!

PS: Please remember to show up live for the event so you can join the Q&A session at the end!
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