Subject: Can Bad Writers Still Publish a Bestseller?

Dear Friend,

Have you heard of Chandler Bolt?

He used to struggle to get C-minuses in English class. He was a bad writer, and it showed. But the most painful thing wasn't seeing entire paragraphs crossed out of his essays. The worst part was hearing English teachers tell him he'd never amount to much. Chandler went to college for a while. But he dropped out when he decided it wasn't right for him.

And that's when things got interesting...

Chandler did something none of his teachers ever expected: he decided to write a book. He thought he'd never finish (we know that feeling!), but he broke down the process and finished his first book in just a month.

And it became a bestseller.

But it wasn't a fluke. And what Chandler did wasn't impossible. He just studied what thousands of successful people before him did, and he learned strategies that experts spent decades pioneering. The right knowledge can multiply your success.

And that's why Chandler pulled every string he could to get the bestselling authors and top entrepreneurs who inspired him together in one place - the Self-Publishing Success Summit.

It's the first-ever online event where 35+ famous speakers are presenting on how to write, market, & publish your first book. You'll even learn how to use it to build a 6-figure business if you want.

Jack Canfield, James Altucher, Brian Tracy, Ryan Deiss, Joseph Michael, James Clear, Pat Flynn, Charlie Hoehn, Ty Cohen, Nick Loper, Jaime, Tardy, Hollis Carter, Jeff Goins, Joanna Penn, Michael Port, Hal Elrod, Russell Brunson, John Lee Dumas, Nick Unsworth, and more will be there.

And since I know Chandler, I got you a free ticket to the online event, but the free spots are filling up fast and I'm not sure how many more there are left.

Grab yours now and enjoy the event :)

To your success!
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