Subject: Friend, come fish with me (for readers)!

Is your (reader) net empty, Friend? 
Are the fish escaping no matter how hard you try? 
Or maybe you are catching some but simply not enough?

Maybe you’re just fishing the wrong way. Come. Let’s fish together.

(Remember how I quit my well-paid corporate job to live off my newly published book only to then see my sales drop dirt-low?

Well, that got me panicking and wondering if my dad had been right when he said I wouldn’t be able to make ends meet after that move.

Luckily I swore to prove him wrong and put all my marketing education and experience to good use.

I learnt the mistake I was making and as soon as I fixed it I was catching readers like crab.)

Have you ever been to Alaska, Friend? If not, you must see how those guys fish for crab. They lower their (special) net in the water and after a short while they lift it and it’s full of crabs!

Bullet proof.
Works. Every. Single. Time.

You can do the same thing with your readers – it’s called building a platform and every author needs it.

Are you an author, [fname]? Thought so, then you need it too!

I figured out a system that will do to your readers what those fishermen do to crabs, only we’re not making reader bisque…

I have 7 lessons about fishing, I mean creating a platform for you. And if you’ve checked out the #1 mistake authors make last time, you’ve already seen lesson 1.

What you’ll see in lessons 2 to 7 is:
  • Why 80% of our marketing activities are a waste of time, and what to do to effectively market our books.
  • The single most powerful technique to get a constant stream of new readers. There are many ways to attract new readers but this one runs on autopilot and is free.
  • What makes readers not only find you but buy every book you release and tell their friends about it.
  • The fascinating secret the traditional publishers are withholding form their authors.
Now, make sure to go through lessons 2 to 7. Start here:

And if you like what you see... will like my next email even better since I will have a time-limited offer for those of you who not only want to learn to fish readers but how to build that special net (aha! There’s some cutting-edge stuff!).

Watch out for my upcoming email,
P.S. If you're fish are escaping, you'll probably doing something wrong. Come, let's fish for readers together. I'll show you how in these 7 lessons. Start here: