Subject: Bologna Book Fair 2016 report out with pics

I'm back from the Bologna Book Fair - it was exhausting but we totally rocked it! 
I even felt like a celebrity considering the tweets going on (see below).
First things first - I did manage to find space for all of the 50 posters you sent me - yay you guys! 

Check out your posters on the wall and all the pics from the fair here:

Phew - I'm so glad I'm back home now - it was a jungle back there! Luckily I came with an Italian friend who pitched all the Italian publishers.

Here's what we did there. 

1) We would come up to one of the hundreds of stands, make eye contact and ask, "Are you potentially interested in acquiring foreign rights?" Some say they only sell. I reply, "So do I!". We have a laugh and I move on.

2) When they say they do buy, I tell them I can see (pointing to their shelves) that my book would be a good fit for them.

Now comes the pitch:
  • "It's a fantasy romance that came out only one week ago and has 100+ reviews on Amazon, is the 500 most downloaded ebook in the whole Amazon kindle store, has 5 stars from Reader's Favorite."
3) They either look at it and say, "It's nor for us" OR "Can you leave me your contact?"/"Can you send me a pdf"?

4) I leave them my card/catalogue AND get theirs!

Now we wait for all the publishers to get back home, recover from jet lag and we follow up :)

Key take aways:

That pitch was key. 
  • Having one of the most downloaded books on Amazon is impressive. Learn how to optimize your book to make that happen in my course "Professional Self-Publishing".
Next book fair - you will rock it! :)

To your success!

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