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LibraryBub Books March 31
The Descendant (Guardians of the Worlds)
by Ally Capraro 

Possessed villains. Intriguing guardians. Multiple worlds.

Ava Davenport thinks she’s just a regular girl. Little does she know, she is the descendant and the key to the evil Xemlix plan of enslaving Earth, but the Lapo guardians are watching.

Lose yourself in this out-of-this world fantasy romance!

Ally Capraro does an absolutely stellar job of telling this breathtaking […] story. She very cleverly integrates fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal into a romantic adventure to make this compelling tale leap right out of its pages. Stephen Fisher of Readers’ Favorite

Honors: Readers' Favorite Five Stars.

Category: Fantasy Romance

Adi's World
by Jo-Marie 

Adi's World is a very tiny place, inside a hollow sugar maple tree. Life is good for Adi and her friends until two of the students create a disaster. They carve a hole in a branch, and that hole is expanding! If something can't be done fast, Adi's school may fall out of the tree. The adults try, but can't solve the problem, so it's up to Adi & her friends.

The plot is refreshingly original and highly imaginative, making readers dream, think and imagine. Mamta Madhavan of Readers' Favorite

Honors: Readers' Favorite Five Stars; 2015 Winner of the Writers You Should be Reading contest.

Category: Fantasy

Close Your Eyes  
by Sarantos 

Close your Eyes is the 2nd book to the fiction fantasy trilogy by Sarantos. Sarantos continues his epic adventure with his motley crew of companions entering into the past via a vortex and appearing as if by magic on the Marie Celeste – prompting a new hypothesis on just why the famed historic ship was found afloat and empty. Upon their return from this short adventure, Sarantos, Brad & Wallis find themselves in a new conflict against the Metalists. The Metalists seem determined to take control of Yarrowtopia in their bid to source new life-giving sustenance. Having foolishly depleted their own natural resources in ways that ironically the human mind of Sarantos is all too familiar with, the group tries to survive their encounter with these deadly creatures. They can take on human form as if by will and are undetectable as Metalists except by the elves! Can they locate them all in time to prevent Yarrowtopia from losing all of its inhabitants? The race is on.

Category: Epic Fantasy

Out of Bounds
by Bob Moseley 

Jason Jefferson has uncovered the scandal of the year - but how much will he risk to see his story on the front page? Out for the football season due to injury, Jason decides to explore his newly hatched dream of becoming an investigative reporter. A natural on the field with strong ties to the team, Jason wants nothing more than to combine his love of football with his investigative aspirations; he never expected that in pursing one, he might have to sacrifice the other. Filled with the twists and turns of a true mystery novel, OUT OF BOUNDS re-imagines the notorious Watergate scandal set against a backdrop of competitive football, hot girls, and the pitfalls of high school. Who is Deep Throat? Who is at the root of this scandal and how many players are involved? To get to the truth, the guilty parties won't be the last to run out of bounds.

Bob Moseley really hit home on a heartfelt and unique coming of age story, and kept me at the edge of my seat throughout the story. Kelly Atwood of Readers' Favorite

Honors: Readers' Favorite Awards Finalist, Young Adult.

Category: Football

Empowering Women to Succeed: Tough Times Don't Last But Tough Women Do  
by Randi Goodman 

Immerse yourself in the most emotionally raw, powerfully compelling stories of those on the journey of women’s empowerment. These tenacious individuals have faced life-altering challenges and changes, and it’s all captured lyrically and beautifully in the pages within Empowering Women to Succeed.

This book is a compilation of stories from 15 real women, and one real man, who have experienced life’s triumphs and hardships, and had the resolute perseverance to achieve profound personal and professional success—each with a distinct definition of what it means to succeed. 

Honors: #1 International Best Seller in "Women & Business" category.

Category: Women & Business

In case you missed last week's books, here they are again:
Zephyr the West Wind (Chaos Chronicles: Book 1): A Tale of the Passion & Adventure Within Us All
by R. J. Tolson 

A powerful and evil animal inhabitant of the world attacks the island village of Dentro. This demon, strong enough to destroy a mountain with just a howl, is later revealed to be the “Chaos dragon”. An outsider destroys the Chaos dragon and submerges its powers into three ancient weapons: a spear, a shield, and a sword. It is soon discovered by the villagers that one of their own women has borne the child of this outsider, thus breaking a sacred law by doing so.

The child, introduced as Zephyr, is 17 years old as the story begins. He never knew why the villagers hated and detested him so. Having no friends and family after his mother passes when he is only six-years-old, Zephyr survived in the village as an outcast with aid only from the chief. Will Zephyr do as he always sought and become an honorable, young man? Will he do the right thing despite his negative standing in his village? How will his travels and explorations impact his character, including the unforeseen betrayal of a dear friend?

Honors: 2015 Readers' Favorite Honorable Mention Award - YA Adventure; 2013 Beverly Hills Book Awards Finalist - YA Fiction; 2013 National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist - YA Fiction

Category: Young Adult

Burned by Magic (The Baine Chronicles Book 1) 
by Jasmine Walt

In a world where magic is forbidden to all but the mages who rule, shifter-mage hybrid Sunaya Baine is forced to keep her unruly powers under wraps while hunting down the serial killer who murdered her mentor. But when a magical mishap draws the attention of the enigmatic and dangerous Chief Mage, Sunaya must convince him to help her catch the killer before she is executed for the simple crime of being born.

Honors: #1 Amazon bestseller in New Adult & College Fantasy, Mythology, Fairy Tales and Dark Fantasy.

Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Songs of the Deliverer: A Modern Day Story of Christ 
by Elvo Fortunato Bucci 

A baby is born in a manger to bring salvation to the world in fulfillment of the prophecy. But he never gets the chance. Two thousand years later, another man steps into the void to fulfill the sacred mission. He has no money, owns no possessions, carries no title, and asks for nothing in return for his wondrous deeds. He vows to deliver to those who follow him a singular outcome: eternity. For that, he is judged by the authorities to be a menace and a fraud. His sentence is persecution. Yet he does not appeal their unjust verdict nor submit to their extortion. Instead, he offers his life in ransom to liberate his believers. In the end, his words and his works are sent to die along with him. Then the Deliverer does something to forever change the world.

There is no other word to describe the potency and the effortless way it was written. The textual complicity with the Bible is amazing, plus the multi-level text gives the perfect spark to an already powerful story. Not many writers can nail writing poems and narrative together and merge them as one. But Bucci has done it effortlessly. Enjoyable, inspiring and awe-inspiring. Rabia Tanveer of Readers' Favorite

Honors: Readers' Favorite Five Stars.

Category: Christian

Elemental: Soul Guardians 
by Kim Richardson 

When seventeen year-old Kara Nightingale is suddenly struck by lightning and dies—yet again—she finds herself back in Horizon, where angels, oracles and other supernatural beings occupy a mystical world unknown to humanity. But when Kara accidently strikes an angel with her newfound powers and nearly kills him, she is banished to the angel prison Tartarus. What’s more, Kara soon discovers her mother’s soul has been taken by Demons. Hunted by the Legion, Kara takes refuge with a new band of angel friends. She finds herself torn with her feelings for David—when angel romance is forbidden. And when Kara decides to venture into the Netherworld to find her mother’s missing soul, will her powers be enough to save her mother and save the mortal world?

Kim Richardson's ability to tell a story about the world of angels and demons is astonishing. Sylvia Heslin of Readers' Favorite

Honors: Readers' Favorite Five Stars.

Category: Fantasy

If You Were Me and Lived in...Italy 
by Carole P. Roman 

Join Carole P. Roman as she visits the Republic of Italy. Learn what it is like to live in Rome, see the famous architecture, celebrate a favorite holiday and discover popular names for both boys and girls. Be fascinated with it's diverse and rich history and colorful traditions. On the way, you might learn a word or two in Italian!

Italy comes to live through this children's series aimed at familiarizing youngsters with countries across the globe...If you Were Me and Lived in...Italy is possibly the tastiest volume in the series...This Italian addition to the author's entertaining and educational ....series is another successful blend of facts and fun. Rachel Jagareski of Foreword Reviews

Honors: Five Stars Foreword Review.

Category: Children's Book

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