Subject: Authors' biggest struggles solved ;)

Would you like all your author marketing struggles solved? Who wouldn't ;)

Well, I've been asking fellow authors to share what they need help with and I've received quite a list of topics. 

Below are some of the most often mention issues:
  • not enough time to market, 
  • book launches, 
  • getting reviews, 
  • using social media to your benefit, 
  • establishing yourself as an authority, 
  • selling without being pushy, 
  • using Goodreads, 
  • technology necessary to set up your online platform 
  • book marketing and self-publishing in general.
While I share a wealth of information in my free books and affordable courses, I will shortly create my flagship mega course on book marketing.

This is where you come in.

Today, instead of speaking (well, writing), I'll be listening (well, reading) what you want covered in my upcoming course.

Please reply to this email with details on what you want help with and I will copy-paste all those answers into a nice excel spreadsheet and analyze them to create an outline for my course (yeah, I'm a geek like that).

So, what do you want to see in my upcoming flagship course on book marketing?
Hit reply and let me know.

To your success!

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