Subject: Attention Authors: My BookBub Ad - Financial Results

Dear Friend,

My first BookBub promotion went live on March 1st and I was very excited about it because, as anecdotal evidence suggests, only 10% of submissions get accepted. I myself had submitted several times before I finally got chosen.

What I did differently for this book was that: 
  • I launched it with 100 reviews in 3 days (all secrets revealed here: and many of those who reviewed the book on Amazon also posted on their blogs and shared on social networks, which created a lot of buzz. 
  • I was very flexible on dates.
  • My book was available in several market places.
  • I have a really neat badge on the cover, saying "award-winning author." The book itself hasn't won any awards yet, but my previous books have so why not use it? (Btw, this is one of the contests I won last year and the 2015 edition is still open for submissions until the end of the month: - I already enrolled two books!).
The results:

I received several emails asking about my financial results and I have no problem sharing these with you. So here we go:
  • What was your ROI? I invested $160 in this ad (children's category - $3.99 book discounted to $0.99). I sold 300 copies on Amazon on the day and the day after the promotion. If you're out of kdp select that's a revenue of 300x$0.35=$105. If you're in kdp select, that's a revenue of 300x$0.70=$210. I also made some sales in other market places: 10-20 bucks in total. 
  • How long did you have residual sales at full price? I treated this book as an experiment from day one and did no promotion for it whatsoever - only the BookBub ad. Before the ad, I was selling 0 copies a day, after the ad I am averaging 5 copies on Amazon at a $3.99 price point (with no promotion).
  • What is the value of hitting the best seller list, even if it's only for a short time like one day (can authors really boast that their books are best sellers when that status is so fleeting and hinged on a half price sale?)? I have hit #1 best-seller on Amazon before but never on three Amazon sites at the same time. Thanks to this promotion I can call myself a #1 International Best-selling Author. Will I use this title? It depends where. I did put it on my new business cards, because success leads to more success, I also put it on my catalogs, which I will be distributing at the Bologna Children's Book Fair at the end of the month. But I do not feel the need to brag about it in my email signature or on my social media profiles (at least for now). I know this is not the same as hitting the New York Times Best-seller's list but it's still an accomplishment and I believe it's one that you can be proud of, one that gives you self-confidence and one that you can use to attract more sales.
  • What other results did you have on top of the financial ones? I got 20 new subscribers to my mailing list, a couple of reviews (one or two for now) and the option to call myself a #1 International Best-Selling Author. (Even though I have sold around 80.000 books I couldn't call myself this and now I can!)
  • Can you share any best practices? Of course! Make sure that inside the book you are promoting you have hyperlinks to your other books and to your sign-up form (especially if you're doing a free promotion).
  • Would you do it again with BookBub? Yes, I will for the books I believe in most that I will launch with my 100 Review Book Launch methodology.
Have you done a BookBub ad yet? Did you have similar results? Do you have any questions - I really do try to answer all!
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