Subject: Attention Authors: Best Way to Deal with Bad Reviews

Dear Friend,

Have you already received your first 1-star-review? If not, my guess is that your book hasn't received much exposure yet, because if it has, someone is bound to express their honestly cruel opinion.

It's not about the book, it's not about you, that review only reflects the reader and their vision of the world. I don't want to get too philosophical about this but I wouldn't sweat it - at all.

Why is a bad a review a good thing?
  • It only gives credibility to the positive reviews you've received. Otherwise people might think that it's just friends reviewing your work.
  • Many books which have an equal number of positive and negative reviews are very controversial and as such they sell very well.
  • It gives you feedback - there might be a minimum amount of truth in it and you can use it to improve your work.

How to diminish the impact of a bad review?

Even though we can grow tough skin and learn not to sweat it, we still want to diminish the impact of these reviews as much as possible.

How can we do it?
  • First of all, never try to change the reviewer's mind. I once persuaded a reviewer to increase their rating from 1 star to 3 stars but if you've received a 2-star review or higher and try to negotiate it, you're probably going to annoy the reviewer and they are very likely to lower their rating.
  • If you run a structured book launch which gives you over 100 reviews, like I did for my recent release, you will be able to identify that reviewer and delete them from your list. Just think of an inexpensive reward you want to give them, send an email to your list with the winners and the negative reviewers will identify themselves. Give them the prize and delete them from your lists so they don't contaminate your future launches.
  • As soon as your first 5-star reviews arrive, ask your trusted colleagues and/or friends to "yes" those reviews on Amazon. This way these will be the first reviews that people see and they will be likely to "yes" them as well. Automatically the negative ones will be buried under the avalanche of positive reviews you receive.

Again, don't worry - look up your favorite book on Amazon - I'm sure it's got a couple of 1-star-reviews too!

If you want to see how I managed to launch my recent release with over 100 positive reviews (and yes, a few negative ones, but I identified the reviewers and deleted them from my lists), check it out here:

To your success!
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