Subject: Attention Authors: Another Way to Get Reviews

Dear Friend,

There's another way to get reviews, which I didn't mention in last week's newsletter on 6 Ways to Get Reviews.

Getting reviews is a subject I'm digging into right now, since I'm preparing the launch of my upcoming release and I am planning to launch with a lot of reviews. The first thing that I do is set up a landing page for my launch team members. 

This is the one I'm using right now: (feel free to participate if you want to but please bear in mind that I'm only looking for readers interested in children's books).

Once that technical part is done, I go get those reviewers. I get most of them from Goodreads, then Amazon Reviewers and then Bloggers.

One thing I just did was to use the "Reviewer Grabber" at Author Marketing Club (premium feature) and I got a list of over 100 additional reviewers, with more than half listing their email addresses and the rest giving away their websites. This was so much faster than going through the Amazon Top Reviewers one by one!

To your success!

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