Subject: Attention Authors: 10 Key Learnings from Author Marketing Live Summit

Dear Friend,

Last week I participated in the Author Marketing Live Summit, which was an initiative of the Author Marketing Institute and after listening to 19 excellent speakers I have some key learnings to share with you :)
  1. Each author-speaker was unique and found a different path to success.
  2. There were some key points that many speakers stressed, one of the most important ones was the need to build an author platform, starting with an email list.
  3. There was a lot of talk about optimizing books for Amazon and understanding that Amazon is not just a book store but a search engine. As such there are some aspects of our Amazon presence which we can control, such as key words. The tool that was recommended to optimize your keywords was one that I already talked about in my newsletters. It’s called Kindle Spy and the presenters claimed to have quadrupled their sales after choosing their keywords right. Remember that you can change your keywords at any time. 
  4. Out of all the online stores Amazon is the most indie-friendly, considering in their algorithm not only sales but also date published, number of reviews, key words and others. Amazon also allows authors to compete in narrower niches than the other stores.
  5. There was some mention about effective ways of getting reviews but I’m proud to say that we’ve already covered all of them (or more) here so you are all set :) 
  6. Several authors talked about making one of your books perma-free in order to drive traffic to your mailing list and this is something I will be doing with one of my titles.
  7. We talked about speaking gigs being a very lucrative possibility for authors, particularly those publishing non-fiction. 
  8. Some things work better for certain authors, so it’s important to test what is working for you to see where your sales are coming from and what to tweak.
  9. I enjoyed one of the speakers mentioning that actually having a book on the world’s greatest store is a huge deal that we often take for granted, because that’s just what we do as authors, we write books. But it’s true - for many people it IS a huge deal and we should take pride of what we are doing :) 
  10. One of the most important things in all this is to love what we are doing and if we’re not, to do something else. Because when we love what we’re doing, then even choosing the right key words for our books can be an enjoyable task.
So here, you have it, some food for thought, some ideas and a few links :)

To your success!

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