Subject: Are you the winner of the $270 value author giveaway?

Hi There,

Remember you entered the giveaway to win a $270 value of book marketing courses and coaching? 

You probably want to know who the winner is, right?

Ok, drum roll please.
The winner is…
Victor Author

OK. I guess that means that you probably didn’t win. But I have good news. All of the book marketing courses are available here. They include Professional Self-Publishing, Crowdfunding for Authors, Goodreads Cracked and 100 Review Book Launch (all priced between $9.95 and $23).

If you want a jam-packed session of one-on-one coaching, where I analyze your platform and give you enough recommendations to keep you busy for months, you can order it here.

Thanks again for entering, look forward to speaking to you again soon.

Alinka Rutkowska