Subject: A message from future Friend!

Dear past Friend,

This is future Friend.

I really hope you get this message in time (if you don’t, so much could be lost).

As I write this to you, my toes are immersed in crystal blue water, the sound of gentle waves is soothing my ears and a divine breeze is tickling my cheeks.

Oh, I was so focused on what I’m about to tell you that I didn’t even notice the waiter bring me a refreshing drink and a mouth-watering fruit plate.

As I’m taking a bite and a sip I’m glancing at my screen and here’s what I see:
  • The number of my subscribers is growing, my list building strategies are clearly working – score! Another thousand and I’ll have more subscribers that anyone else I know.
  • I’m quickly checking my bank accounts and I like what I see – I sold even more books than last month. With all that extra cash I could maybe go on a cruise or two…
Next, hold on…

I told my assistant to only bother me in case of urgency but she’s mailing me anyway. This had better be good.
  • Oh, we just sealed the foreign rights deal with the Chinese. They will be printing 100,000 copies of my books! Make it a world cruise!
Wait, what was I getting at?

Oh, right. Things weren’t always this way.

I remember the moment things really changed for me. It was the moment I made a single choice. And the day I made it was today.

So, past Friend, don’t take all this away from me. I really like where I am. But I only got here because of the decision I made today.

Future Friend

P.S. The future is awesome but only because you made the right choice today: