Subject: 29 Days Left to Register for My Favorite Book Award Contest

Dear Friend,

I sent out a list of 25 book award contests for 2015 a couple of weeks ago and now I'd just like to send you a friendly reminder that my absolute favorite contest is still accepting submissions, but only for another 29 days! Go here to enroll:

Why do I care so much? I participated in the "Readers' Favorite Annual Book Award Contest" last year and I got both a silver medal and an honorable mention (for two different books) and I went to Miami for the awards ceremony.

This was the highlight of my 2014 literary career. I made some incredible connections and I made friends with whom I am still in touch on a daily basis. The ceremony itself was magnificent, but the whole weekend together with the Miami Book Fair (winners' books are displayed free of charge) was exceptional. 

I hanged out in the lobby and met fellow authors, I had a drink by the pool and talked marketing strategies, I would go down for breakfast and couldn't finish my bowl of cornflakes because the conversation was so interesting!

And there's one more thing, as soon as you register you will become part of our family - there's a forum open to all Reader's Favorite authors (which I run by the way), where you will find a lot of support for all your writing and marketing questions.

I hope to see you in the forum and in Miami too (if we both place of course). Go here to enroll for the contest:
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