Subject: 10 ways to build your subscriber list (tested!)

Dear Friend,

Every successful author will tell you that you need a subscriber list. Below are 10 ways I used to increase my list from zero (we all start from scratch) to thousands of subscribers:
  1. Permafree: I published a permanently free book and in it I have a call to action: if readers click through to my website and subscribe, they will get another free book (yes, you need two free books, or one free book and something else your readers dig - for free). About 5-10% of the people who download your book will subscribe. This is a completely free strategy. It's also a good idea to write a trilogy and make the first book permafree ;)
  2. Wattpad: As a children's author I only recently discovered Wattpad and it's fantastic. If you're going to publish a book for free, why not post chapters on Wattpad and have your biggest fans subscribe to your list? I'm now writing my first novel (fantasy, under a pen name) and I follow people who follow other fantasy authors. Some follow me back, read my story and the most engaged ones subscribe to my list because I tell them I will give them a free copy of the book once it's published. This is free strategy (but time consuming).
  3. StoryCartel: You can go to their website and offer your book for free on their site. Readers can download and leave you a review. That's actually the purpose of this site but you do get their email addresses so you build your list! They also have a paid option - they can send info about your book to their mailing list.
  4. NoiseTrade: List your book on their site and have hundreds of readers download your book. You will get their email address. Of course some people are freebie seekers and will unsubscribe as soon as you send them their first newsletter but a good chunk (the majority) will stay.
  5. Content Marketing: Like blogging? Consistently write helpful content and get your readers to subscribe to your newsletter by asking them at the end of your article or with a pop-up.
  6. Goodreads: Contact people who reviewed books similar to yours. Have them go through a sign up form before you give them your free book (this works well with launches).
  7. Amazon: Contact Amazon reviewers who reviewed books similar to yours, use the same strategy you use for Goodreads. Remember to only contact reviewers who favorably reviewed other books.
  8. Facebook Ads: Promote your freebies and your content with Facebook ads. Respond to all comments people write on your ad. Direct people to your sign up form and monitor your performance with Website Conversions.
  9. Twitter Ads: They are not as sophisticated as Facebook ads but some authors manage to build their lists successfully through them at a lower cost than on Facebook.
  10. Learn from the best: Register for this webinar and learn how Jeff Goins built a platform of 100,000 people in 18 months and started making six figures a year:
Whatever you do, never add people manually to your list. They will most likely unsubscribe and complain. Also, every subscriber has a cost, so you really don't want people not interested in your content on your list.

Have you got other ways you gain subscribers? Let me know and I'll make sure to share them with everybody!

To your success!

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