Subject: 10 places other than book stores to sell your book

Dear Friend,

If you haven't considered the places below to feature your book you're leaving a lot of money on the table:

1. Supermarkets: Supermarkets stock mostly paperback fiction, and children’s books sell well as cookbooks and titles by regional authors. According to Brian Jud if you can demonstrate that your promotional activities will help bring in new customers and profits, you will get their attention. You may submit your book and marketing package directly to the major supermarket chains, but they normally direct you to their wholesalers.

2. Airports: Brian Jud reports that bookstores in most small airports have space constraints limiting the titles they stock to only the top fiction and nonfiction titles as well as the popular classics. But a title does not have to be a bestseller to find its way into the stores in large airports. These shops will carry titles by local and regional authors, as well as books pertaining to its specific locale and destination points. Titles for children tend to do well in these outlets, as do titles for business travelers who spend a good amount of time in airports. Also titles on management, investment, economics, business biography, personal finance and health work well in the airport setting.You need to submit your book directly to the airport bookstore chains.

3. Cruise lines: They say the sky’s the limit, but what about the sea? I’m selling my children’s book series on numerous cruise ships and when they order we are no longer talking about a couple of copies. Their trial order was 800 copies and the subsequent ones run by the thousands. It’s a little tricky to get in though. Your book needs to be somewhat linked to the sea. You need to get in touch with the retail department and try to attract their attention. I find LinkedIn is a great platform to look for professionals in the retail department who you’d like to contact to negotiate your book sales with.

4. Gift shops: These are great since they make decisions by themselves, and you can often talk to the decision maker as soon as you enter the store. If you're talking to an employee present them with your work, brochure and business card. Ask for a follow up email to their manager. If you get to talk to the manager they will ask you about your retail price, the price you give her (industry standard is 55% to 60% discount off the retail price - negotiate that), she will ask you where you ship from because she will be paying for freight.

5. Therapist offices: You can get your book basically anywhere, the key is to THINK THEMES. Is your book about curing an illness? Talk to hospitals about getting it in their gift shops! Is your book about fish? Talk to aquariums and get your book in their gift shops! Is your book about cruise ships? You know where I'm going with this.

6. Hairdressers: What do people do at the hairdresser's? Gossip! Yes, but they also read - start with your hairdresser by asking her if she can feature your books! I bet it's a done deal. (My books are available at my hairdresser's!).

7. Your Website: You can sell your paperback directly from your website. All you need is a PayPal button, and you’ll get your buyer’s payment and shipping address. You’ll wrap the book, go to the post office and you’re done! Or you can send your book directly through your POD dashboard without the need to handle the inventory, packaging and shipping. Easy! 

8. Events: This is great for nonfiction authors. Research conferences, workshops and events on your book's topic and offer the organizers a discounted bulk order.

9. Libraries: How can indie authors get their book into libraries? Glad you asked. Via LibraryBub, a service founded by yours truly that connects indie authors with 10,000+ libraries. November and December are the best months to be featured because that's when most libraries spend their budgets. If you apply within the next 24 hours you can count on a 50% discount paying only $149 instead of $299 to be featured. Apply here:

10. This is where you come in: where else can authors feature their books?

To your success!

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