Subject: [Wordpress] Build WebDesign Store in Minutes - 6 DFY Tools

Hey there,

As an Internet Marketer I believe you have the competence to create websites better than most people out there - it's a skill that you can profit from.

And it can be done in minutes using this DFY package

This affordable DFY solution will give you all of these:

[+] WP Web-Design, a Wordpress theme for selling web-creation service
[+] 15,000+ words of Lead Magnet Report to promote webdesign service
[+] 2 animated webdesign promo videos
[+] 2 whiteboard style webdesign promo videos
[+] 7x high quality webdesign service articles, and lots more!

Creating website has been our side-income for years, and the profit can be quite high, at least $300+ per client.

And here's some tip from me: once you create website for your clients, upsell them with SSL service, security service, etc. to get more profit.

A.) If you upsell them with SSL?
- Simply use the free SSL from CloudFlare or Let's Encrypt

B.) If you upsell them with security service?
- Then simply use any WP security plugin that you might already have ;-)

Ready to profit from your own web-creation skills?

Then hit the link below to get started:

Leo (BCBiz)

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While you're busy doubting yourself, there are some people out there get intimidated by your potentials - believe more in yourself.


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