Subject: [WP Theme] Affiliate Site Builder With User-Generated Content

Hey there,

If you want to build profitable affiliate sites without the hassle of creating content yourself, here's the best Wordpress theme to use:


CovertCurator is a Wordpress theme (with full Developer Rights for $11 only) which allows you to quickly build money-making affiliate sites with REAL people/members building the content for your websites.

Once they start to curate and post for your sites then you can monetize the site easily with our 3 bonuses:

BONUS #1: CovertAzon WP Plugin
BONUS #2: GDPR Toolkit WP Plugin
BONUS #3: WP Smart Crawl PRO

They still price the theme really low at LESS THAN $12, but the special offer will end tomorrow.

Click Here to Sneak In Before CovertCurator Closes

Leo (BCBiz)

Today's Smile - DID YOU KNOW

When parachuting, take your mobile phone with you. So if your parachute doesn't deploy you can call their customer service - but do it fast.


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