Subject: [WP Site Owner] Instant Site Setup: 1-Click Content + Amazon

Hey there,

Building a profitable niche site is not done just by installing Wordpress, but you'll need to set it up first, add some content, etc.

It's such a tedious task which can be automate and finished in minutes using this cool 1-click Wordpress plugin:


In just 60 seconds the plugin will automatically:

- Create a page/post for each keyword you fill
- Delete all the preloaded content + comments from Wordpress
- Create the About, Contact and Privacy Policy page
- Add relevant YouTube videos to each posts/pages
- Monetize each posts/pages with relevant Amazon products and more!

This plugin literally saves you 60 minutes every time you setup a WordPress Blog. And during this End Year special offer you can grab it at a crazy low price here.

Leo (BCBiz)

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