Subject: [WP Security] Protect & Load Your Affiliate Sites 200% Faster..

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Did you realize that Google now favours site with SSL/HTTPS in place? If a site doesn't have this then it's now labelled as "Not Secure" in Chrome.

So adding an SSL to your website should be your top priority right now!

And Here's a Quick Fix + Affordable Solution (4 WP plugins included)

If you want Google to like your affiliate sites more, SSL is mandatory.

And with CloudDefender you can avoid paying expensive price of SSL certificates while getting all these benefits:

[+] SSL certificates for your WP sites for free
[+] Protect your site from DDOS attack
[+] Load your site 200% faster
[+] Secure your server from bot traffic, page scrapers, and more!

=>> Protect & Load Your Sites Faster With CloudDefender Now


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Leo (BCBiz)

Keep success & awesome ;-)

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PS. Just 1 second delay in load time, conversions decrease up to 7%.. With CloudDefender, your site speed is maximized to optimize conversion ;-)

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