Subject: WP Security: 81% of Attacks Use This Method..

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According to Panda Security 81% of attacks on Wordpress sites are based on insecure or stolen passwords, being the main tactic used.

The good news is.. With our security plugin below, your site WILL STAY SAFE and SECURE even when some hackers manage to know your password!

See and test drive the plugin by yourself here:

There are two main reasons why any site is hacked: money and hacktivism.

But still, the most common Wordpress hacking attempts use stolen passwords.

You can make it difficult by using stronger passwords, but hackers they have bots/programs that can crack 16-character passwords in less than an HOUR.. with 6-character passwords can be easily cracked in just 2 minutes.

Pre-caution is the key when it comes to Wordpress security, and now you can make it almost impossible for hackers to takeover your WP site..

=>> Only With The v2 Of This Security Plugin

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