Subject: [WP Plugin] The Power of WhatsApp in Your WP Sites

Hey there,

Nowadays almost every people use WhatsApp in their daily life.

In fact WhatsApp has turned into the most popular messaging app globally with over 72% daily engagement - whereas the industry average is only between 10%-20%.

It's a huge power that you should take advantage of ;-)

=>> Which Easy to Do Using This 1-Click WhatsApp Chat Plugin

This is a refreshingly new idea to get contact details of people who visits your money sites and allows you to market to them with 98% open rates.

When a person click the chat button then he/she will be automatically WhatsApp you with pre-defined text message that you set - you may put or add your affiliate link, order link or any other URL on the pre-define chat text.

It's a genius little plugin! 
See it in action below:


A little caveat though..

If you use this plugin do take in mind that every people who visit your site may WhatsApp you and you may get chat texts quite often, so I suggest to use your secondary phone number on this plugin and make it as a business number.

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