Subject: [WP Plugin] Ends Today: Better Site + Hosting Security.. (wl bonus inside)

Hey there,

It's the last day, BlogDefender 2018 is closing down tonight.

If you want to lock down your money sites so you’ll never have to worry again about hackers, bad bots, brute force attacks and so on, here's the best affordable solution right now:


With this set & forget WP security tool, your site + hosting server will be fully protected even from skilled hackers who can easily:

- Replace YOUR affiliate links with their own
- Steal or redirect your traffic
- Set up a “back door” to jack your site
- Fill your server with malware which hard to locate
- And many more!


Most hackers are lazy - even the SKILLED one.

They’ll try for “easy” wins. When they come across your site and see the sturdy security in place, most will move on instantly :)

PLUS to sweeten up the deal, I'll give these 3 extra tools with Whitelable rights for free as a bonus for you:

BONUS #1 - WP Affiliate Deal Builder (whitelabel license)
BONUS #2 - WP Optimize & Backup (whitelabel license)
BONUS #3 - ReviewShark WP Plugin (whitelabel license)
>> Protect Your Site and Traffic Here
Leo (BCBiz)
:) :)

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