Subject: [WP Plugin] Cool Way to Beautify & Protect Your Website..

Hey there,

Have you ever wished to
make your Wordpress sites
get re-branded with your
own branding?

Well, it is now possible in
the simplest way..

=>> By Dint of This WP MakeOver plugin

Here're some cool features from
WP MakeOver plugin:

- Customize WP admin dashboard with your own branding
- Keep your site from breaking due to WP updates
- Prevent hackers from accessing your site
- Hide WordPress controls from your clients' view
- Customize login page, forgot password page, etc

In a nutshell, WP MakeOver will
make your site looks like it's not
using wordpress CMS ;-)

See it in action here:


-From your friend,
Leo (BCBiz)

Keep success & awesome ;-)

Today's Smile - FUN FACT:

Technically, money does grow on
trees if it's made from paper

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