Subject: [Software] Turn SSL/HTTPS into $250+ Profits ...

Hey there,

Help people to achieve their
goals, and profit will follow..

..that's what many motivators say.

But it is true, especially if 
can help people with things as
complicated as installing

=>> Which Can Be Done in 60secs Using This Software

Google has been forcing the use
of SSL/HTTPS to all webmasters..

However still around 90% of all
websites are not secured with SSL.

Which is good, because it's your
chance to profit out of them! ;-)

Here's how it works:

Find sites without SSL -> reach
out to let them know -> charge them
$250+ upfront -> install SSL in
one click with this software..

Then just rinse & repeat ;-)

NOTE: Installing premium SSL is
really not easy, company like
RapidSSL even charge installation
service for $29.

While with this software, SSL
installation is just a one-click job

=>> Only Using this EZ SSL Tools


-From your friend,
Leo (BCBiz)

Keep success & happy ;-)

Today's Smile - FUN Fact:

If you die and reincarnate as
a bomb, you will die again..

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