Subject: [Software] News-Based Sites With Amazon/eBay/Walmart (hosting + bonus)

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Google loves news sites because they always have fresh content and information when something new comes out.

And using this software you can build automated NEWS sites monetized with Amazon/eBay/Walmart in minutes:


Forget about finding & writing news articles yourself, with NewsProfixPRO you can build affiliate news sites:

[+] Loaded with 100s news articles
[+] Automatically monetize with Amazon products
[+] Monetize the site with Ebay + Walmart products
[+] Get free traffic from 32 social sites
[+] And many more

You'll also get free hosting for all your news site - or simply connect your domain if you want to use your own hosting ;-)


Get access to this cool affiliate news site builder today and I'll send these 3 bonuses for you:

BONUS #1: SuperNews WP Theme
BONUS #2: TrueNews WP Theme
BONUS #3: WP SecurityPRO Plugin

=>> Build Unlimited Affiliate NEWS Site Starting Today Here

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