Subject: [New Software] Tomorrow: Manage & Protect Your WP Sites w/ 1 App..

Hey there,

Hope your weekend is running 110% fantastic so far! :)

Today I have just finished testing a time saving software that will go live tomorrow August 28th at 10am EDT...

See the software here =>>

WP Suite is a cloud based app that helps you to manage, control, update and grow your wordpress sites empire without having to login to them every single time.

Platforms like ManageWP & others charge a monthly fees based on how many sites you have. 
But WP Suite will be different.. for just a one time fee, you can manage Unlimited Sites that you own and even manage CLIENT SITES too ;-)

WP Suite will go live on Aug 28th at 10am EDT.

And as 1 of our top VIP customers you can get an EARLY look & watch the sneakpeek demo right here.

Leo (BCBiz)
:) :)

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