Subject: [Launching Today] New Amazon Software Auto-Create Review Videos...

Hey there,

Good news if you want to make commissions from Amazon faster!

Launching today at 11am EDT is a new Amazon software called YouZon which allows you to create video reviews for any Amazon products you want quickly and easily.

=>> Watch This YouZon Quick Review Video Here

You can use the software in 3 easy steps:

STEP 1 : Enter your keyword and let YouZon find the hottest Amazon products
STEP 2 : YouZon automatically creates review video for your product
STEP 3 : YouZon instantly upload the video to Youtube together with your Amazon affiliate link

It's 100% cloud based - no hosting, Wordpress and website needed ;-)

=>> Click Here to Preview YouZon + Our Bonus

Then look out for my email again at 11am EDT (about an hour from now), so you can get access at the lowest price possible :)

Leo (BCBiz)

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